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Devimco Immobilier

Devimco Immobilier

Creator of integrated and innovative living environments

Devimco Immobilier is a Quebec leader in developing large-scale real estate projects that shape the province’s contemporary landscape. Combining innovation and creativity, Devimco Immobilier contributes to the notoriety and success of each project, for the benefit of its occupants and visitors.

The distinctive character of Devimco Immobilier is to work at all levels of urban development. Thus, the company oversees design, construction, sales, and rentals.

Devimco Immobilier designs and builds unique mixed-use living environments that will shape daily life tomorrow.

Together, let’s build the destinations of tomorrow!

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Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ

Le Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ

The Fonds immobilier de solidarité FTQ contributes to Quebec’s economic development by participating financially and strategically in the realization of profitable and socially responsible real estate projects in partnership with industry leaders. It supports the start-up of real estate projects in all regions of Québec, in the residential, office, commercial, institutional, and industrial segments through an approach based on ESG (Environment, Social and Governance) factors leading to environmentally friendly projects. The Fonds immobilier is also a member of Bâtiment durable Québec.

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Les architectes FABG

A Montreal collective of architects specializing in cultural and institutional architecture, FABG has won numerous awards on the Quebec and international scenes. Since its creation in 1988, the firm has been responsible for many visionary projects, including for Cirque du Soleil and Place des Arts.

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Gauvreau Design

Gauvreau design

Gauvreau design inc. offers comprehensive professional interior design services, and distinguishes itself by its young, dynamic, and versatile team. The firm designs various types of projects, driven by an open-minded, creative and communicative approach. Renowned for its creative contribution to numerous large-scale real estate projects and commercial projects such as restaurants, cafés, boutiques, jewelry stores, offices and optometry centres, the company has won many awards, including at the Prix Habitat Design.

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